What will you find here?

Welcome to my blog and thanks for spending your precious time here with me. This blog will share:

  • Musings about family history, identity, and resilience
  • Thoughts about the impact of family history on the present and future
  • Methods and tips about genetic genealogy and documentary genealogy research
  • New (or new-to-me) topics in genealogy
  • Discoveries from my own family history research

I study family history because it forms the foundation of who I am and how I think and act. An understanding of where I come from gives me strength and gives me pause. I have discovered inspiring stories and tragic ones. I have marvelled at the steps my ancestors took (literally) that led to my presence and wondered at their inhumanity. Curiosity and the quest for meaning shape my journey. And sometimes that meaning requires action. The action can be reporting on what I’ve discovered or taking steps to address historical wrongs.

Researching my family history keeps my brain agile. Learning new approaches to genetic genealogy challenges me. Working through the logic of conflicting evidence invites me to weigh sources and types of information and come to conclusions about what I’ve gathered. And in the end I know more about those who came before me and myself. And I have something to offer my grandchildren and those who may follow.

My goal is to uncover the past so that it can inform the present and lead to a better future.

Thanks for coming along!