Connie’s Family History

My own roots

I’ve been interested in my family history since I was a young girl and my paternal grandmother entertained me with stories of captains, pioneers, the flu epidemic, the Gold Rush, and mysterious relatives. In later life, I’ve also learned what’s underneath the surface of my family’s history: colonization and participation in slavery. Family history has the potential to help us understand current conditions in society and to address injustices.

I have an extensive working database of my own family on genealogy software, (I use Reunion for Mac). The best place to learn about my family is on WikiTree, a collaborative, open-source, one-world tree. Learn more about my father, Alvon Hale Davis,  and my maternal grandparents, Lindell Scott Johnson and Mildred Dawn Pike by following the links on their WikiTree profiles.

Building knowledge, skills, strength, and resilience through
connecting people to their family history.