About Me

Thanks to my paternal grandmother, I grew up with a passion for family history. This interest lead to earning a certificate in Family History and Genealogy from the University of Washington in 1999. My career in nursing (BSN, Washington State University, 1982; MN, University of Washington, 1988, Board Certified Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, 1993-2018) kept family history as a parallel interest for many years. I continued my research on my family as my nursing career took me to each of the 50 states, most Canadian provinces, and several countries abroad. I have visited libraries, archives, and courthouses throughout the US and Canada and driven around the backroads of states and provinces searching for places with links to my ancestors.

I started offering professional genealogy services in 2018.

Professional Development (selected)

  • National Genealogical Society Quarterly Study Group (2020-present)
  • Your DNA Guide Academy Endogamy and Y-DNA skills courses (2021)
  • Institute for Genealogical and Historical Research: Military Records I: The Colonial Era to the Vietnam War (2021)
  • Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh: Law School for Genealogists (2021)
  • ProGen 46 professional genealogy peer study program (March 2020-May 2021)
  • Eastern Mennonite University, Center for Justice and Peacebuilding: Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience I (2020) and II (2021)
  • Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh:  Women and Children First: The Hidden Half of the Family (2020)
  • Your DNA Guide Academy DNA Skills Workshop (2020)
  • Midwest African-American Genealogy Institute: Intermediate Genealogy, Pre- and Post- Slavery Era Research (2020)
  • Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh: Advanced Genetic Genealogy (2019)
  • Institute for Genetic Genealogy (2017, 2018)
  • Certificate in Genealogy and Family History, University of Washington, 1999


Genealogical Interests

  • Genetic genealogy
  • Geographic Experience: United States and Canada, including Tennessee, Missouri, Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Mississippi, Arkansas, California, and Nova Scotia
  • African-American family history
  • The role of family history in personal identity and healing
  • Family history research as a catalyst to address historic injustices
  • Communication skills for genealogists
  • Non-traditional ways to share family history (video, children’s books)
  • US westward migration
  • The history of medicine
  • Daily lives of ancestors
  • Involving children in family history

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Building knowledge, skills, strength, and resilience through
connecting people to their family history.