Description of Services

My goal is to support you in answering questions about your family. I provide genetic genealogy education and genetic genealogy services. I work with people who have discovered surprises in their DNA results and support people in their own research. The client projects I undertake are focused on genetic genealogy.

Educational Services

Webinar, lecture and workshop topics

  • Introduction to genetic genealogy “Take a road trip with your DNA”
  • Understanding DNA results and using tools at DNA testing companies
  • WikiTree for genetic genealogy and connecting with others
  • Using YDNA to further your research
  • Reconciling unsettling truths about our ancestors
  • Communication skills for genealogists
  • Genealogy process and standards for everyone – documentary and DNA research

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Genetic Genealogy Support and Research Services

Individual or group virtual sessions about genetic genealogy:

  • Reviewing client-completed DNA research or works-in-progress
  • DNA coaching including DNA results overview, using the tools at DNA testing sites, managing multiple DNA tests, visualization tools, third party websites
  • Reviewing the discovery of unknown parentage (recent and historical)
  • Incorporation of DNA results into documentary research projects
  • Guided discussion of historical context and meaning of results
  • Exploration of next steps for personal growth and action, including reparative genealogy
  • Connection to resources for reconciliation and further counselling

Research projects

  • Collaborative definition of research project involving genetic genealogy, source analysis, locality research, creation of research plan, research (with client participation as desired), creation of research report or other end product determined in collaboration with the client
  • Documenting family trees at WikiTree


“As you were instrumental in sorting out a lost relationship, I thought you might enjoy hearing what has since transpired. I have been corresponding with the relative you identified and last week we finally had the chance to meet. It was most enjoyable and I could see my family in their face and mannerisms.  But the biggest surprise was that they had spent some time going through their family photo albums and were able to find photos that linked the families together. Thank you again for all your help. None of this would have come to be without your assistance.”

Client D.S, 2021

“I contacted Connie after finding out that my paternal grandfather and I were not related after DNA testing on 23andMe. She guided me through the test results and assisted me in finding others who shared DNA that didn’t match any other branch of my known family tree. We sent out requests to those people who had shared their DNA results on Ancestry and within a day we had found the family of my “new” grandfather. I am in contact with them almost every day. Without Connie’s assistance I may never have worked my way through all of the available data to determine who my actual family was. Connie was very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough. She kept me on track and got results almost immediately. I am now following up with her to learn how to redo my Ancestry Family Tree as well as learning about so many other sites.”

Client C.F.,  2021

“Connie was a great mentor in helping me do research to find my biological father. She was very kind, affordable and knowledgeable. Connie would email and Skype with me every so often giving me new tips and videos to watch to aid in my search. With her help I was able to find the person I was looking for and I am forever grateful.”

Client M.S., 2019

Building knowledge, skills, strength, and resilience through
connecting people to their family history.