From Genes to Family Trees: Maximizing Your DNA Results

This is a three session virtual workshop. Join me and my two wonderful colleagues to move forward with using your results at Ancestry. These approaches can be applied to other websites and are a great foundation for all of your family history research.

We will meet three times and each participant will have a 1:1 with one of the instructors before the course begins.

  • February 13th, 2024 from 10-12 Pacific
  • February 20th 10-12 Pacific
  • February 27th 10-12 Pacific

You can register here.

Register here.

WikiTree: What’s In It for Me?

February 20, 2024, 7:00 PM Mountain Time. Grand Prairie Genealogical Society. What exactly can you do at WikiTree? Join us to learn more about how WikiTree can support your genealogy research.

Making WikiTree Work for You

February 24, 2024, 10:30 Eastern Time, Connecticut Ancestry Society. Let’s get practical and learn step-by-step the options for using WikiTree!

YDNA: A Case Study

March 17, 2024, 5:00 PM Eastern Time, Genetics, Genealogy, & You. What can YDNA offer in your genealogy research? We’ll walk through YDNA results for a case study and see how that information transformed an understanding of how the participants were related.

Past Presentations (selected)

Ten Awesome Things You Can Do on WikiTree

December 9, 2023 Members of the Virtual Genealogical Association can access this lecture for six months here. Countdown all the awesome things you can do at WikiTree.

Free Space Page for the Win! Sharing the Letters of Rev. T.O. Ellis

November 3, 2023 As part of the WikiTree Symposium, I shared how I used a Free Space Page at WikiTree to share letters written by my 3x great grandfather. View the page here.

Genetic Genealogy Best Practices

September 24, 2023 This interactive presentation for the Linked Descendants Group of Coming to the Table focused on understanding how to use standards for genealogy and a process to build confidence in using DNA in practice. Q&A with participants about DNA.

Organizing DNA Matches at Ancestry

September 16, 2023 2-hour interactive presentation for the Indiana African American Genealogy Group, covering six ways that Ancestry helps you organize your matches, and how to use the Leeds method at Ancestry.

Introduction to DNA at WikiTree and the US Black Heritage Project

September 16, 2023 Coming to the Table Linked Descendants group: 1-hour interactive presentation demonstrating how DNA is incorporated into WikiTree and how the US Black Heritage Project supports research for African Americans, especially around the time of Reconstruction.

Communication Skills for Professional Genealogists: Adoption and Unknown Parentage

October 2022 Presented to the Association for Professional Genealogists Virtual Chapter. Communication skills enhance relationships between clients and professionals. This recorded webinar provided an overview of communication skills, how to apply them throughout a research project, how to support informed decision-making and provide information respectfully.

Reconciling Unsettling Truths about Our Ancestors

May 16, 2021 Presented to the Virtual Genealogical Association with Wendy Bradley. How can the family researcher respond when they find surprises or unsettling information in their research? This presentation explored ways to process new and potentially disturbing information and move forward to build a legacy.