Description of Services

Family history research starts with a question. It could be a seemingly straightforward one: Who are my ancestors? Where did they come from? How did they get here? From that starting point, the first question can become many, each exploring the different branches of your family tree and the historical environment that influenced them . As a genealogist, my role is to help you focus your question and complete thorough research using accepted research standards and methods that result in a product that meets your needs. This product could be a report, a chart, a website, a video, or a book of stories for yourself or the younger members of your family.

Your question may not be about your family but more about the times they lived in or a key event in their lives. It could be about a home or piece of property they owned. Let me help you explore the possibilities.

Examples of Services Provided

  • Development of a research goal and plan
  • Analysis of current research and data
  • Incorporation of genetic genealogy (DNA) as indicated
  • Family history pedigree charts
  • Family history reports
  • Biographies on a website (such as WikiTree)
  • Family story calendar (Stories about your ancestors linked to national holidays and ancestor’s birthdays. Appropriate for children and adults.)
  • Video or audio versions of reports and stories
  • Coaching in family history research
  • Workshops or seminars on genealogy concepts, with a special emphasis on communication for genealogists

I look forward to working with you to create a plan and result that meet your needs.